Strength in numbers, but the power of one message

At a time when brands are seeking fresh and innovative ways to reach their customers, new social networks are constantly flooding our emails with weekly invitations to “the next big thing”.

With the increasing influx of applications to help you balance and manage your online social persona, followers of brands and individuals really want concise, relevant messaging that is consistent with the social personality they follow. What they do not want is a fragmented online brand experience brought on by having to connect the dots on a new trendy network.

Consistency in messaging is key to keeping your social messaging in check. Don’t shatter yourself into 20 different web personas with little or no followers. Instead, deliver your message effectively through strategic social networking and creative message delivery systems.

These marks will help you secure more customers and devoted followers who will want to engage with your brand:

• Know what your audience wants to hear, not just what you want to tell them

• Keep your language clear and content-driven

• Keep it interesting and relevant

• Avoid the curse of spamming people that matter

• Delivery of a positive online brand experience 

Individuals who follow brands on social networks would rather see pertinent content over meaningless babble in their news feed. For effective brands, it’s not just a matter of joining a social network and posting random updates and pictures.

The delivery of the message is just as important as:

• What it is saying

• Who is reading it

• And why is it relevant

The key to a successful online brand experience lies in the strategies that must be implemented in order to secure more followers and produce the content that people will want to seek out. For information on strategic brand-focused social networking and creative message delivery, contact Cre8tiv Juice Group.

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