Where does passion come from?


In a world in which competition surrounds us and happiness is one of the simplest but most desired needs, studies have shown that passionate people are much more successful and fulfilled then those living a life without it, but how come some people are passionate while others are not? Where does passion really come from and what makes one-person passionate about one subject but not about another?

The answers to these questions are a combination of things ranging from ones environment to our actual genes. When it comes to learning an academic subject or practicing a sport, ones genes can facilitate the rate of learning, which will lead to greater personal satisfaction.  This satisfaction produced by a genetic advantage for the physical or intellectual skill will allow one to enjoy that subject or activity more and will increase ones will power to practice and improve that skill. This is where passion is born. The combination of consistent practice and innate passion leads to mastery of that skill. People that work for something they are passionate about truly enjoy their work and in consequence are more happy than those that are not interested in what they are doing.  In other words, when one works on their passion they aren’t doing a job or pursuing a career, they are fulfilling their inner need in which they are intrinsically motivated by. 

 Therefore, passion may be a mix between nature and nurture, in which genes play an important role when it comes to what we’re good at and what we are passionate about. However, it is in our hands to develop those passions over time and pay attention to them because if you live passionately and follow your instincts, happiness will always follow. So what are you waiting for, let passion consume you.

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